Services & Capabilities

Our diverse range of capabilities and extensive experience in technology allow us to create solutions to meet our client’s needs for the entirety of the pipeline from modeling, animation, serious game, mobile applications, simulation, virtual and augmented reality to research and development.

Whether the answer is product driven, or requires our full range of training services including training analysis, design, and development services, we take the time to clearly understand our client’s needs so that our solutions are successful and meet the client’s business needs.


Mobile Solutions

Optimizing different 3D applications for mobile platforms requires reworking content to ensure suitability for mobile. We develop high-fidelity game-based training that is optimized for deployment across multiple platforms, including mobile. We create modules designed for quick reference in the field, tablet and phone-friendly versions of our eLearning and Serious Games courses, and custom apps for Android and iOS

Serious Games

We forge together cutting edge gaming technologies and modern instructional design to blend the practicality of e-learning with the allure of gaming.

We are experts in serious games, providing game-based, realistic and immersive applications to transform the learning experience. Our serious games are intuitive and immersive with measurable knowledge retention and superior engagement.



Our experienced technical team creates simulations to represent real life with accuracy to allow for workers to understand procedures that carry high financial risk in errors or are dangerous environments. Our team leverages expert skill-sets and experience in development of tailored simulation software. Our experience allows us to work with simulation programming and connecting simulation software across numerous simulation libraries.

Augmented Reality

We are known for being leaders in the development of augmented and virtual reality interactive content for the aerospace and defence industry. We have developed a range of augmented reality applications for clients and have significant domain expertise in augmented reality development.

Our advanced augmented reality offerings provide innovative training and marketing applications that are purposeful and highly engaging.


Virtual Reality

Redefining immersive training through virtual technology, we integrate the latest VR technologies into game-based learning. Over our years of experience in virtual reality, we have acquired the specialized skills to develop this technology with higher capabilities and less development time. We simulate equipment and environment functionality to enable users to learn, practice, and explore in a risk-free environment with capabilities that scale from simple to extremely detailed scenes, environments and training scenarios. Our aerospace and defense clients trust us to provide virtual reality solutions that accelerate learning speed, provide effective reactions, create strong decision-making and knowledge retention.

Research, Development, & 


Technology and training is constantly evolving, which is why we put dedicated resources into research and development to support our analysis, design and creation of solutions. We discover and explore new concepts and continually test new techniques and tools in our processes of discovery. As part of the heart of our business, our investment in research and development enables us to continue to support our projects, find future possibilities and provide leading solutions to our clients.


3D Modeling

We provide state-of-the-art 3D modeling services in model creation and optimization for mobile, augmented and virtual reality solutions.

We use our advanced skills in creating 3D models and 3D assets for games and interactive apps that can be low or high poly models of any complexity or assignment.


Bringing 3D content to life. Our skilled animators replicate complex movements of objects and avatars with high visual quality and detail.

Our animations provide a level of realism and detail in our custom-built interactive applications.