3D Modeling

3D Modeling

3D Modelling

We provide state-of-the-art 3D modeling services in model creation and optimization for mobile, augmented and virtual reality solutions.

We use our advanced skills in creating 3D models and 3D assets for games and interactive apps that can be low or high poly models of any complexity or assignment.


Lifelike Animation

Utilizing industry standard tools and artist at the cutting edge of their trade, we create animations that will bring any vision to life. Our scope can range from fluid motions ready for film, to smaller scale actions fit for a video game. These animations are prepared with a detailed rig that will allow for a wide range of motions, allowing you to get the most out of a 3D model.

3D For Oil & Gas

As a Houston based company, we have had the opportunity to take on Oil & Gas clients in the past. Whether it's for marketing for education, every company in the energy sector can benefit from good visuals. Our 3D Animation can be used in anything from simulations to train employees, to demonstrations that can transport your client to the onsite equipment.